Online coaching for men and women who are looking to learn how to
-Undo the damage caused by fad diets
-Unlearn the bullshit fitness and nutrition myths
-Unleash their potential!

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Premium Coaching Package

This program is for those who prefer to be held accountable and have someone watch their technique while they train.

This program includes 2x virtual personal training sessions with Alana per week as well as everything included in the regular 1-2-1 program.

-Training program personalized to you and your lifestyle

-Nutrition plan tailored to suit your needs as well as incorporating foods you enjoy. No restrictions!

-3-Day sample plan to give you some inspiration on how you can plan your meals.

-Daily journalling prompts to get you in the right mindset to really get the most out of your coaching journey

-Weekly check-in and feedback given from Alana