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ReverseFit 8-Week Summer Accountability Challenge

We don’t have to try to lose weight in the summer, we can also choose to just maintain where we are at if we want.

Habits should be able to be stuck to year-round – whether you are in a 9-5 job, a teacher, or a shift worker – you know you have truly built a habit when you can continue to do it no matter the circumstances or your environment.

I do not mean ‘sticking to a diet’ or being strict with yourself year-round. God no.

So, what if…..

It doesn’t have to be sticking to a workout schedule – If we are on a holiday abroad where we know we can stay active by being outdoors, doing hikes, cycling, swimming etc. – it can be that!

It doesn’t have to be tracking our calories – if we focus on a few key things that suit us e.g. 2 or 3 main meals per day, based on what we are doing that week – it can be that!

It doesn’t have to be hitting a specific protein target – it can be making sure we get a decent source of protein at each main meal, around the size of our palm.  If we are having only 2 main meals per day, we can bump up the portion of protein at each meal. Easy!

It doesn’t have to be weighing ourselves weekly – it can be taking progress pictures and filling in a ‘how do I feel’ questionnaire to see where we are at instead of focusing on a number. We can make changes based on how we are feeling. Feeling sluggish and heavy? Ok back to our nutrition habits, what have we been skipping? Not drinking enough water. We know what we must fix for the next week. Simple.

It doesn’t have to be hitting a fibre target – we can focus on how our bowel movements are (this is important!); are we able to do a poo daily? If we aren’t we know what we have to do – boost fibre in ways we know how – opt for that wholemeal bagel vs white bagel for breakfast, add extra veg when we are out for dinner – it’s as simple as that.

However, it CAN be sticking to a home workout schedule or a gym program, it CAN be tracking your calories to make sure you know where you are at for your goal, it CAN be hitting a specific fibre and protein target, and it CAN be making sure you hit a certain step count and water target.

It can be whatever it needs to be for YOU, based on what it is you are doing during the summer.

The thing is, there is never a perfect time.

Celebrations don’t just stop when we are in routine – so let’s be prepared for them no matter what, and be able to feel good no matter what!.

The challenge will kick off on June 20th and run for 8 weeks (You will get added to the group on June 13th so there’s time to get prepped).

I’ll be sending a quick questionnaire closer to the time to see what approach each of you want to take. E.g. gym program and tracking calories etc; or habit-based only as I mentioned in this email. I’ll get each of you set up based on your preference and of course, this can change throughout the summer depending on what you have going on.

Buzzing for a summer of fun AND feeling fab!

*Workouts are included, on-demand home workouts either bodyweight OR dumbbells, as well as gym programs, either 3- or 4-day splits.