Online coaching for men and women who are looking to learn how to
-Undo the damage caused by fad diets
-Unlearn the bullshit fitness and nutrition myths
-Unleash their potential!

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ReverseFit 8 Week Challenge

This is a group intake program that has training options to suit everyone.

A more affordable form of coaching that includes everything you need to reach your goal!

-4 training programs to choose from (at home or gym, 3 or 4-day program)

-Each home workout has a follow-along version to make it easier to do as we all know how difficult home workouts can be.

-PDF options of training plans if preferred

-Personalised nutrition targets and daily habits that are set at the beginning of the program and reviews at the halfway point.

-3-Day nutrition plan based on your calories so you can see what 1800 calories looks like for example

-Daily journaling prompts in the app in the hope that you start to focus a bit on your mental health alongside your fitness journey

-Recommended book list for those interested in reading, especially to help with goal setting

-Video tutorials on how to track your food accurately; how to take your measurements; how to progressively overload in the gym and common mistakes made in training.

-Go-to recipes with macros and calories listed to provide some inspo.

-In-app group messaging with replies to questions from a coach if needed within 24hrs.

-4-week check-in before block 2 starts and necessary changes/recommendations made

-Final check-in after the 8-week program is done