Online coaching for men and women who are looking to learn how to
-Undo the damage caused by fad diets
-Unlearn the bullshit fitness and nutrition myths
-Unleash their potential!

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1-2-1 Online Coaching

This program is for those who feel like they need more individualized programming and coaching tailored to their specific lifestyle and needs compared to group coaching programs.

What’s included:

-Personal account in the Reverse Fitness App

-Weekly progress tracking (weight, progress pictures & measurements)

-Personalised training program specific to your needs, goal, equipment available, lifestyle, and training level.

-Personalised approach to nutrition including a 3-day sample plan to give you an idea what you can eat based on your calories and macronutrient targets, all based on foods you like and enjoy – nothing is off limits!

-Daily habits to tick off every day, again, based on your lifestyle and improvements you want/we recommend you make.

-Ability to sync popular fitness watches such as Fitbit and apple.

-Weekly check-in form to complete in order to receive feedback from Alana. Every 4 weeks you will have a review and updates will be made to your program going into the next block.

In-depth feedback is provided each week once you submit your check-in form, based on how your week went and this is where you will get educated on all things nutrition and training so you are in the best possible position to continue your journey yourself once your 12 weeks are finished.

The goal is for you to be in complete control of your training and nutrition and be able to make changes yourself based on your goals.

This process is to empower you and teach you, not just to get you in shape and let you go not knowing how you got there or how to continue on your own.

If you have the desire and commitment and this sounds like the type of coaching you need, what are you waiting for?